young master (& his bodyguard)


a collection of drabbles and oneshots from my bodyguard!au on LJ

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ChimuL8 #1
Chapter 10: more than a tear has passed sonce last update and i still go back every once in a while to read. thank u for writing this. one of the more superior short chaptered fics to ever exist xxoo
blessme #2
i need this fic tattooed to my skin
Chapter 10: Chifugdguxjjkcjkkhgkkvckhfhkfhkckhfyfyifhihk

Crying crying crying dear God pls make me breathing to see the light of this story again amen
dandantejas #4
Chapter 10: Pls update this plsplspls
40 streak #5
Chapter 10: this was sad but so so so good.
thanks for the update I love this au T^T
Yopipi #6
Chapter 10: Pleaseeeeee
Let them meet each other again
I feel like crying a river TT
They can't be separated for too long :'(
Poor my baby soo and baby nini TT
hellod #7
Chapter 10: sengen nim I love you so much!! ㅠㅠ you should know that. ah the update :') LONGING...
Chapter 10: Get them back together please! Gosh it was heart breaking
XOXOtaem #9
Chapter 10: Its breaks my heart to see them apart
Chapter 10: Is this the afterlife? is that the cause of my death? Oh yes cod: kaisoo angst