A Trip Down Memory Lane


On the night before Choi Seunghyun's military service, he and Kang Daesung revisit some old memories --- some happy, some touching, and some even devastating. And you, wonderful reader, are free to suggest any memory for them.


This'll be my first chaptered story. And in this one, I'd like you, the wonderful reader, to suggest memories for Daesung and Seunghyun to visit ^__^ I'll do my best to have those two dorks visit them all. 

Let's start the nostalgic adventure!

3...2...1.... Let's go!


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Kangchristiine #1
Nice start of the story! Hope you will update soon! Wanna know what they talked about of their memories :)
Ohhh I love the idea *_* And i like the beginning. I look forward for more, happy memories. Thanks for sharing <3
Hmm for ideas... Maybe first met and first thoughts...Behind the shows (like FO, NAN...) and behind the concerts... Ohh they should have many memories... Cant wait for more *_*
Kang_Jiyong #3
Chapter 2: their first met? when they are still trainee? perhaps with Seunghyun misleading thought Daesung? Remember during Family Outing, Seunghyun said he thought Daesung was their manager? ^^ Good start btw.keep updating