Mobile Android / iOS App Fundraiser

Our first generation of mobile apps have been released thanks to the generous contributions of the community through our mobile app development fundraiser! For everyone who participated, thank you! The Android app can be found in the Google Play Store while the iOS app can be found by searching for "Asianfanfics" in the Apple App Store.

As apps go, we've reached our milestone for our first initial version. Any future developments and maintenance work will require more funding so this page will be all about the efforts to continue to improve on what we have. As with the previous fundraiser, AFF Gold membership purchases are how these will be funded. Gold members receive benefits and features we can't normally provide for everyone due to cost and scale (full list of benefits). Gold membership benefits are always expanding and we think they're pretty good to have anyway regardless of the fundraiser so helping us to maintain the mobile apps is just an added perk!

Purchase Gold Status to continue supporting mobile app development