About Me

Hello to all the readers who stop by in my profile!

First of all, my name is Jem (not my true name but I want you to call me that).

I'm a Pure Filipino from Philippines.

I have hobbies that I always do everyday like: Drawing, Singing, Reading and Eating. (Wait, Eating? Is that a kind of a hobby? Hahaha!)

Anyways, I love watching torture movies like Saw, Green Inferno, Wrong Turn etc. I was once an Otaku, once a Lovatic (Demi Lovato fan), once a Blackjack and once a psychopath when I feel like I want to torture someone. (I'm just kidding about the last part, but seriously, I'm one of the crazy people)

I'm obssessed reading any kinds of books or novels, but not textbooks from schools. I also like reading literature or world history.

When you meet me in person, trust me, you'll never heard me talking so much when it goes too far, I'm a shy type as well like Kuudere. I'm an aloof person but I want to make friends actually. I'm just scared of what might happen if I make friends. I'm much of thinking than talking.

I'm a SONE, a Sooyoungster to be exact. 3 words that described Sooyoung: SHE IS GORGEOUS!

So that's all, thanks for reading my profile!

And umm... Here!