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Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for stopping by! :)

About Me

A friendly hello to everybody out there! 

I'm a dystopian fanatic and Percy Jackson lunatic, with a dash of obsession with TFIOS and John Green. Cliche, I know, but a good book never hurt anybody, eh?

I am currently homeschooled and am the owner of my personal business, NESSAHENNA, on the side. If you're interested and in the San Antonio area, feel free to message me for an event, personal, or bridal appointments!

As for reading asks, I'll definitely help you out. I only ask for constructive criticism on my own work as well. There's no reason to be harsh when the words we put out our mouths can come from a place of love, which is, really, so cheesy, but just because it's cheesy doesn't mean it's not true. :)

WANT TO READ MORE? Check out my Wattpad at: annej46!

I am also Admin V over at jiminsbyuns on tumblr!