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Hello!!! My name is un_holy_confessions ~ I call my subs priest's because when I write my stories is a confession of sinful fantasy of a ship's life in my mind! I write alot of random mood blogs so except that of me. I also write about my favorite groups and random ships that could be cute. I have a tumblr which is named comunicatetheunknowable which kinda has alittle of everything. If tou want to know me my dashboard speaks for me but also talk with me I'm pretty friendly. I also love anime and vocaloids so we can talk about that as well. I also enjoy American music *certain songs* so if you wanna talk to me about that as well we can. I like a lot of bands and open to learn of more! I can be reached by music or art. I enjoy seeing all types of art and hearing all types of music (except certwin country songs). I may disappear sometimes but always end up coming back no worries. 

If you want to know more of me talk to me through message or wall or even comment!