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What story should I write after i finish writing Is It LOVE or a GAME to You?

  • The Granddaughters of the Huang Fu Family (Taiwanese ff) Starting: Guigui, Ella
  • Painful Love (Korea ff) Starting: Tiffany, Kimbum, snsd, and others. He’s the t
  • Chaotic Love (Taiwanese ff) Starting: Guigui, Aaron, Danson, Xiaogui, Hebe, Cal
  • He’s My Enemy/Soon to Be Fiancé (Korean ff) Starring: Tiffany, Kikwang, snsd, an

Personal Message

Hi readers I just want to thanked you all for your comments. Well I'm trying my best to improve my writings and stories. There are times that I will be lagging on my project but please bare with it with me. Thank you for patience. I hope you guys are enjoying for stories. And please look forward to my future projects. I'll try my best and become better than before. THANK YOU!

Completed Projects:

- Is It LOVE or a GAME to you

- I Remember [Two Shots]

- Forever and Always [One Shots]


Current Projects:

- He's My Enemy/Soon to Be Fiance

- Painful Love

-Two Complete Different Worlds



                                                                 <3 Krystal

About Me

Hi my name is Krystal Sheng Her. Before I started writing my own stories I would always read other author's stories. Even back then I use to hate reading and writing because I thought that I was bad at it but I guess I love them now. Everytime I'm depress or not in a good mood I'll always start writing my feelings and thought on pieces of binder paper. I never thought of writing my own stories until now. Everytime I'm reading or writing all my sadness and depression goes poof its gone. When I started writing my first story and see many comments from readers it puts a really big smile on my face. Reading and writing aren't boring unless you give it a chance to read it. When I read these fics I sometime felt like I've seen a movie. NOW I LOVE READING AND WRITING!!!

 I'm a big fan of Kpop. My favorite KPOP girl group: SNSD, IU, Miss A, Tara, 2NE1, S.E.S,  F(X), Kara, and ETC. My favorite KPOP boy group: SHINee, B2ST, Super Junior, 2PM, U-Kiss, Big Bang, SS501, and ETC.

My Favor member:

SNSD's Tiffany Hwang

2NE1's Park Bom, CL


F(X)'s Krystal Jung