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What's the point of just one statement when I can tell you a whole story..... ;)

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Seven Facts You Need to Know About Good Ol' Alabama (My nickname XD)

  1. If it wasn't obvious, I come from Alabama. I do live in California, but I was born in Alabama.. A panda from there, too. No, can't practice Wushu and hurt someone, but I am mixed with black, Irish and Chinese :D I keep my 'bama roots, but I love Cali <3 <3
  2. I am a MEGA nerd... You have a question and I can probbably answer in a heartbeat (esp. if it's English or History related.. not so good at Math though XP)
  3. I am who I am. Yeah, I'm a tomboy who can hang out with guys a lot longer than I can hang with most of my female friends. I look like a girl, but I'm just into some things other girls don't really care about and proud of it!!!
  4. I'm a dork.... Straight up. PROUD OF THAT, TOO!
  5. I scare peope with my energy.... I'm running at 200+% all the time. Even when I'm sick, sad, worried, or tired. People never know! I've run on 0 sleep in 50+ hours before and no one could tell. I'm like that little Energizer bunny XD
  6. I'm happy ALL the time, even if I'm not. I'm called Happy Virus #2 (or just that weird girl XD) because I'm literally always smiling :D
  7. I love everyone just about. You're nice to me, I'm nice back and vice versa. I really don't care if someone likes me or not. If they do, great= new friend. If they don't, even better=less bs to put up with and, while they're angry at me, they still have to have me on their mind