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there are three different authors.

- Pray, Hope and Faith


the story each of us together or individually with be marked wih with these names.

please anticipate the stories we will bring. :)


Feel free to spam our wall!!! Feeling bored to death right now...


Stories by Pray_Hope_Faith:

- Voiceless Cries (Ongoing)

About Me

  •  Pray: - Jiyeonholic.

                       - Likes books that have mystery, magic and sadness. With a touch of romance.

                       - Loves to sleep.

  •  Hope: - Childish

                        - Big fan of  Super Junior, U-kiss and just about every k-pop group.

                        - Loves to read romantic-comedy novels.

  •  Faith: - Loves to eat

                       - Doesn't really like a specific k-pop group.

                       - Enjoys reading non-fiction books :P

               I realized after reading our profile that my bestdriends are out to destroy me. Huhu. Despite what they said, I am not a boring person! ^_^