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About Me

My name is Valerie and I am 23 years old. My favorite Kpop group is Teen Top. I've been their fan since 2011, and they will always be my #1, even though they have become so obsolete in the Kpop world.

Aside from Teen Top, I also really like ATEEZ. I took interest in them in January of 2019, and my interest in them has only grown stronger since then.

I wrote Teen Top fanfics like crazy in 2011-2012, but my passion started to slow in 2013 before becoming virutally non-existant. However, I started writing again in 2019. I now write about ATEEZ. I am less feverish in my writing as I was in the past, but doing even just a little bit is better than doing none at all.

My fanfics are now also being posted on A03. You can find me over there under the username Kiyomice. Not all my fanfics on here are available on A03, but all of my fanfics on A03 are available on here.

I spend my time on Discord a lot these days, and I have my own Discord server for Kpop. If you want to join, here is the invite. If you don't have a Discord account, you might need to make one before the link works :)

Thank you for reading my profile. I hope you have a nice day!