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KWON88IM's Stories


Title : Just admit it
Pairing(s) : Winter/Karina
Rating : Rated [R]
Genre : One-Shot
Status :Completed
Summary: They are supposed to babysit YoonYul's kid, but instead,
the kid they're babysitting helps them discover their feelings for each other



Title : Drawn to You
Pairing(s) : Winter/Karina
Rating : Rated [R]
Genre : One-Shots
Status : Completed
Summary: They do find something in each other presence that they cannot find elsewhere.



Title : Nothing and Everything
Pairing(s) : Yoona/Yuri
Rating : Rated [R]
Genre : Short Story
Status : Ongoing
Summary: A story about two girls who started from nothing as friends,
naturally, became each other's everything.
Yoona was part of Yuri, as Yuri was part of Yoona.



Title : The Commitment
Pairing : Yoona/Yuri
Rating : Rated [M]
Genre : Drama, Angst
Status : Completed
Summary: Yuri and Yoona have been in a relationship for years,
but no one ever mentions getting married or even having a child.
But, what if one day one of them wakes up and feeling different?
One person is ready to tie the knot, while the other feels as though a knot is being tied around their neck.



Title : The Wedding Singer
Pairing : Yoona/Yuri
Rating : PG-13
Genre : Comedy, Romance
Status : Completed
Summary: Yuri, the singer, and Yoona, the waitress
are both engaged to be married but to the wrong people.
Fortune intervenes to help them discover each other.



Title : Sweet Talking Baby 2
Pairing(s) : Yoona/Yuri (Main) | Taeyeon/Tiffany
Rating : Rated [R]
Genre : Drama, Fluff, Romance
Status : Completed
Summary: YoonYul with their little baby Kwon Sarang Im.
Their baby will make their love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller,
home happier, clothes shabbier, the past is forgotten, and their future was worth living for.



Title : Sweet Talking Baby
Pairing(s) : Yoona/Yuri (Main) | Taeyeon/Tiffany
Rating : Rated [R]
Genre : Drama, Fluff, Romance
Status : Completed
Summary: The expecting of a first child can test even the strongest of relationships,
even for Yoona and Yuri, and married life is a huge new adventure for them.




"Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing.”
E. L. Doctorow




About Me


Fact :

I'm an engineer who like to write. 😀

I'm Aries who always coincidentally fall in love with Leo or Cancer. 😅

I love baby cologne. 😚

I love green. Okay? 😉

I love Girls' Generation with all my heart, body and soul. 😊

My ultimate bias is Yoona and the second best is Yuri. 😍

I only write about YoonYul and mostly is the dominant Yuri. 🙂

I'm over 18 so I can view stories with mature themes. lol 😎

I write what I want to write, not what people ask me to.  🤔