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Hi, guys! This is Ryneh Abueva from Philippines.  I'm 29 years old and I'm writing some stories on this one-of-a-kind fan-fiction site (I also write in Wattpad). So, I write romance stories, serious drama, roleplays...haha sometimes I make. Then, my stories were almost romance comedy and the future fiction. *laughs* Anyway, my favorites in KPOP were 2PM, Super Junior, Shinhwa, Shinee, and a lot more. I love DBSK...if they will reunite together. I hope so! I've been waiting for them almost so that they can collaborate.

Well, these things were my 3 KPOP years (2012-2015). But now, I come back with the one I loved; the INDONESIAN stuff and the other Asian things. See you guys and nice to meet you all.