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**i do not take requests anymore. i've stopped writing fics and there will not be any updates or new fics from me in the future. i'm keeping my account up so you all can still read the fics i've posted!**


soft chaeyoung stan and the biggest michaeng enthusiast you will ever meet!

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About Me

my ults are TWICE and ITZY <3

i double bias mina and chaeyoung, however, my ult is chaeyoung!


my ult is ryujin, though i all love them equally, just like twice!

i will typically write:

TWICE: all and any ships! (preferably michaeng, samo, saida, nahyo, jeonghyo, chaeyu)

ITZY: all and any ships! (preferably 2shin, yejisu, ria/ryujisu, ryeji)

thank you so much for reading my stories, i hope you'll continue to read and enjoy them! <3