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About Me

Yo! Minna-san! (Hi everyone!)

I'm the ficwriter Yukiko Tsukishiro (雪子 月城 - - snow daughter of the moon castle)

I have accounts on other sites:

Yukiko Tsukishiro (Nyah!Fanfiction).

TsukishiroYukiko (fanfiction.net)

Yukiko Tsukishiro (wattpad)

Yukiko_Tsukishiro (Archive of Our Own)

Yukiko_Tsukishiro (webnovel)

Yukiko_Tsukishiro (Asianfanfics)

I write in 3rd person and narrator-observer.

I love dramas, but I like happy endings, as I also love furrys.

My fanfictions usually have only one couple, with the others being manXwoman relationships.

I've been a writer for over thirteen years and I'm thirty-seven. I love animals and my favorite is the cat. I also love horses.

Of the fantastic animals, my favorites are dragons, nekomata, Fenrir and fox.