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Which did you like best?

  • Super Generation (SUJU and SNSD)
  • SHINee Effect (SHINee and Fx)
  • Beast Minute(B2ST and 4minute)
  • Wonderpm (Wonder girls and 2pm)

Personal Message

Spreading Taelli love!♥♥♥♥♥

Taelli forever.

I am always supporting you guys!

I love writing!

You can write anything on my profile.

You know I am kind! >o<

Tell anything that you wish to say~

You can inform me a new fic or something.

I am there to COMMENT!

                                           *Tiffany or Taelli10*

About Me

Cute girl Welcome  Willkommen bienvenue animated gif water watering niedlich

WELCOME TO TAELLI10's profile~!

aBoUt TiFfAnY~!

Cute Girl

Annyeonghaseyo~! Na Heeyoung imida!

Hello~! My name is HeeYoung. You can call me Tiffany too. ^^

I am 14 years old~! My birthday is MAY 25 close with Yoona unnie's birthday.

What things do I need to introduce you guys? I don't know. So, let me end this now.

Thanks you!


Nae chingu~! (My friends)

1. Kiyomi unnie (shinee-effects)

Art Kunst girl Doll artist Kunstler animated cute pixel pretty gif animation

This picture is for you, Kiyomi unnie. Like you cute, innocent, lovely and awesome artist. Kiyomi unnie, no need to tell. She is not even my chingu. She is like my unnie. Kind, innocent, lovely and awesome artist. Have nice idea to write fics. Her fics were SOOOO COOL~! My best unnie, my best chingu. We also used to chatted each other. She even do a poster for me. She is a BEST UNNIE for me. She is the one who help me to use Asianfanfics. She is a Taelli fan too.  I haven't seen her but for me she is the best.

2. Taemeey

Cute doll girl animated pixel pretty gif

Taemeey, she is also a Taelli fan. She is my second friend in Asianfanfics. She is a best chingu for me. She also used to informed her fics and I used to inform my fics. She always SUBSCRIBES my fics. Her fics were cool too~! I love all of her fics. Taelli fics. Taemeey, wrote many fics of Taelli.

3. OnceUponaTaem

Girl kissing teddy bear cute animated gif dollgirl girldoll

OnceUponaTaem, she is a great author. She can make sad story and sad ending. Her story 1.4.2 was awesome. She is also a Taelli shippers. She subscribes my fics. Her teasers were awesome. She always check my fics. Subscribes. She was my one of best chingu.

4. RayNe

pixels, gif, girl, angel, cute

She is a Super Generation shippers and I am also a Super Generation shippers. She is kind and good at me. She always come and SUBSCRIBES or COMMENT on my fics. She is one of my est chingu. She is really good on me. She always there to check my fics. Thanks.

5. GDlovesme

pixels, gif, doll, girl, love, cute

She is not my friend at first but at my birthday she comes and wish me birthday wish. So, I feel she is kind. She would be my friend. My new chingu.

5. Nisyaz

Art Kunst girl Doll artist Kunstler animated cute pixel pretty gif animation

She is my chingu. OnToria shippers, like me. So, she and I becomes friend. She is also a SHINee-effects shippers and I am also a SHINee effects. I first know she is really kind is when I started to order my poster at 'Full of Happiness'. She ask me what I need and she also find me a picture. She is really kind.

6. Changminmax22

cute avatar dollgirl girldoll girlie girl animated gif

My chingu in AFF. I am her co-author and she is my co-author. She thinks for my fics Life is life. Thanks you my chingu. And chingu please update 'The unwanted marriage.'

7. Minstalloves

Animated fashion queen doll gif anna marek cute ani girl

Minstal shippers, YAY!!! Her fic MIX COUPLE LOVE was awesome. Cool, I love that. Keep trying my chingu.

8. Belenette

Art Kunst girl Doll artist Kunstler animated cute pixel pretty gif animation

She is my chingu. She is a good artist. She can make a great poster. Thanks to her, I own a beautiful poster.

9. Liesoflove

Art Kunst girl Doll artist Kunstler animated cute pixel pretty gif animation

My fics SUPPORTER, she always come and SUBSCRIBES or COMMENT on my fics. 'Good Luck~' is the word she used to say.

10. Nikibby

Girl Doll bicycle bike fitness center work out ani8mated gif animation pixel cute

She is also my supporters, she is my chingu too. She always READ my fics. She always SUBSCRIBES.

11. KhunToria

Girl Doll fitness center work out ani8mated gif animation pixel cute

Although she is a KhunToria shippers. She likes SunSun. She support my Life is life fics. Thanks you.


My favorite top bands~!


NEW F(x)


shinee gif


snsd gif

Super Junior

super junior gif



(SM town)

Changho gif



My favorite girl

Sulli (fx)


Tiffany (SNSD)


Sunny (SNSD)


Jihyun (4minute)


Krystal (fx)


and others.


My favorite boys

Key(SHINee) although I like Taelli best I don't really like Taemin.


Kyuhyun (Super Junior)


Sungmin (Super Junior)


Taemin (SHINee)



My favorite couple~!







Jihyun & Gikwang




I also like KeyStal~!



My fics please read them and support them~!

1. Life is life


Sunny, Sungmin, Taemin, Gikwang and Jihyun

2. My love is true


Taemin, Sulli, Suzy, Dongho and other more characters

3. I want to sing for your beautiful dance


Onew, Victoria, Nichkhun & Jessica

4. I don't know that you love me



5. Don't you know that I love you?


Taemin X Sulli


I am also a anime lover~!





Thanks for visiting my profile~!