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Hey everyone! I'm sunhalo17! Formerly blkshineegrl! I'm Chanel and I'm 21 (I'm 27 now lol) years old! ^_^ I've taken some time away from AFF and it was much needed time. In that time, I've grown mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I've come back not as I left. Stronger. Better. Healed. And I owe all this not to myself but all to Jesus Christ. I've also drifted away from kpop as well in the time I have been gone. I know a lot of you aren't going to like it but these are the choices I've made. I, however, will still be writing and updating some of the stories I have placed here. :D Some of them hold values and ideologies that I no longer agree with and will be taken down indefinitely. I aim to create a space here where my creativity is explored and good connections can be made. Not a place where ual ersion and desires roam free. I'm not that person anymore and I will reflect it properly. :) ^_^ Thank you to everyone who supported me while I was in deep depression and continue to support my work! I appreciate you all! I hope that you will stay with me as new ideas and stories and stories are birthed here. Love you all! Be blessed~ <3 <3 <3 


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