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Personal Message

I write mostly meme content nowadays; I drafted 85% of my public stuff because I wasn't satisfied with them anymore.

I'm sorry if people's faves went back on my sorting desk... The chance of it coming back online are slim.
They were just too much and I wanted to start some new things. I changed a lot as a writer; both in style and taste; and most of my old work just didn't work anymore and not being able to finish them was making me sad.

About Me

I write a lot of stories; that usually don't get finished because my attention span ande energy are e.


I'm an aspiring writer, always working on some major project, so when that thing gives me a headache, I kind of write fanfics here. 

I have a lot of different hyperfixations; depending on my mood; so they usually end up as an alternate universe idea or some comedic element.

My favorite mamamoo song is Wind Flower; because it speaks to my sad boi melancholia aesthethic.