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Personal Message

I love sad stories but I prefer to read story's that are full of mystery like angst, horror, crime, psychological, tragic, murder. And of course the plot has to be great and there has to be a lot of twists. if the lead character has a double personality then I'll defenetly read it.

favorit OTP JongKey and TaoRis. And on the side Xiumin and Donghae&Henry.

Fantasy fiction about dragons are the best... I love but I stay far away from "him and OC (you)" stories (I hate stories like that) 


About Me

I'm from Norway (the land of the Viking)

parents... I don't know if I have. Moms a workaholic and dad lives far away.

sister... She is my whole world. She made an emo/gothic like me to open up to Kpop and look more happy at life.

i love cats. I believe in recannation. 

I love manga (Pandora Hearts, Skip Beat, Count Cain, And all the stories master SHINJO MAYU has made)

anime I like are Code Geass (it's a must see) Death Note. Actually I'm more into Kdrama now.