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To what ship should I give the lead in my next story? (No Satzu because I already made them a story)

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Annyeong! I'm Secret_Admirer but my co-author and some of my readers call me Byun Author-nim. I got no other ways left to have fun other than reading. I play piano- still learning tho- and electro guitar -but not that good. I don't know how to cook, really. I remembered trying and I almost burned our entire house for it, but it's not my fault, it's my parent's fault for leaving a hungry guy in-charge with a damn empty fridge to go shopping. Hehe. I also like french fries dipped into a sundae (I know, I have a really weird taste). And I dislike Justin Bieber (What the hell is this?). I really, really, like really, love music, even if people tease me about becoming a gay soon if I continued being obsessed with music and all, but I really don't care because I'm 100% sure I'm straight, straighter than Nayeon's nose bridge, and white chocolates is what I live for. That's enough for the random blabbering, bye!