About Me

I love reading and watching tv I make crossover events usually there only cartoons and anime shows I try keeping a low profile Music is my life and my ispiration I wouldn't be able to make story's without music\


Oh my gosh do you see that?? ^ I wrote that in friggin 2012, what the heck?? It's October 2018. I never really used this account. The only thing I ever uploaded was a Ben 10/Gen Rex crossover thing that was so awful I deleted it practically immediately. Glad I did too cause that was AWFUL. Ok now here's my new bio.

Media consumer- books, YouTube gaming, YouTube webseries, anime, cartoons, Webcomics, chinese dramas. Thai dramas, manga, shounen ai manhwa, Netflix originals, comics, and movies
Been writing since I was 9, doing crossovers for kids cartoons on Nick, cartoon network, and Disney.
I make a lot of oc's. Like, hundreds of them. I think ive gotten better at not making them haha, instead just reusing old ones and giving them more developed personalities.
Usually lgbt characters or oc's. Usually romantic subplot if not just romantic period. Except my Voltron fic. No No there.

I'm on Quotev, Lunaescence, ao3, and

i post art on Tumblr and Twitter.


-------its now october 19 2020. i dont have corona, thank GOD. i prob wont be posting here anymore. i barely did anyway. but ill keep this account up just in case. im into a lot of anime right now so maybe???? ill post here??? Great Pretender is good, you should watch it. love durarara, princess tutu, No Game No Life, Baccano, kingdom hearts and final fantasy. some others. i do art and my comms are open.


------ Its been almost a year since that update XD. its 10 14 2021 now. I didnt get the delta variant. I actually DID end up posting some anime fics on here this year! good for me! i'm now into Megalobox, Soul Eater, Bleach, and A Silent Voice. I dont do art anymore but I do write for writing commissions and those are open! check out my tumblr for my email, its Rolaplayor101, if youre interested!!