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mood: excited fangirling!                     eargasm: Wookie!!!

eyecandy: Hankyung ❤              craving for: Hanchul + chocolate macadamia cake ❤

Call me Ivy! I'm a new ELF that found love in Hanchul!

Even if they're not together but Heechul's coming back to maybe be reunited with Hankyung! Though, I prefer to call him Hangeng.

As an ELF, I'm waiting for part of Leetuk's dream to come true.

For all 13, or even possibly 15, of them to perform together.

Lets see what else? I'm a female ELF, who enjoys writing little fics of them. I like cats and love ice cream! I enjoy reading Hanchul and Kihae and from time to time Kyuhyuk.

l o v e i s h a n c h u l           

                       hanchul is love



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