About Me

Getting ready to graduate college, currently looking for a job and affodable apartment. If I disappear for a week or more I'm most likely buried in homework. I'll try to update every two weeks, if I don't please forgive me. If I can't update every two weeks, I will at least try to update two stories every month, (as much as I love writing, my school work, job and internship will come first). 

I love all seven members. I'm a huge Vmin shipper, but if asked I will write about another ship.

Fun fact: When I get writer's block I always end up adding/starting another story. I don't know why, but it helps me when I'm trying to write out a chapter. So If I have more then one story going on at the same time, I was having trouble writing a chapter. 

Social Media:
Twitter: @LupusLuepi

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ao3: Lupusm