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Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover.

About Me

= Food lover, music enthusiast, loves to sing (like everyday) and loves to daydream

= A Korean drama lover, especially involving with my favoutite actor or actdol

= Basically a EXO (Kaisoo,Baekyeol,Chenmin,Krisho, And Taolay) trash -yeah what is life

= An EXO-L, PinkPanda since 2013, and the latest one is Blink.

= Do Kyungsoo and Kim Namjoo is my everything, Kim Jongin and Son Naeun is my soul , Kim Jongdae and yoon Bomi is my fluff ball, Kang Haneul and Kim seulgi is my sweetheart

= Apink and EXO are my life ruiners, Blackpink  are slowly creeping in my heart