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About Me

My name is Kai Lee Lackey.

My birthday is September 10th, 1997.

Been into Kpop since 2006.

I have been a writer since the 6th grade, I am out of High School now and I skipped college to go straight to work to help my Mother and Stepdad.

Kpop to me is something I dearly love and adore listening to but I show my own love for it differently than back when I was in High School & Middle School. I have many biases, but my ultimate is Yesung from Super Junior and Kai from EXO. I stan majority of kpop groups but I will not tolerate ignorance and hate comments towards other idols. Fan wars annoy me so please don't come to me about whining about another group or something like that; I'd rather us just all get along and stuff. DMs are fully open though if you ever need someone to talk to about your day or feelings; I'm a great listener. 


Hobbies are mine are that I love to draw, write, read, sing, dance, and play video games. I have a playstation 4 and i play some pc games too so we can talk about video games as well. I love music of course; I love many genres of music. Anywho, thats pretty much about my life than not getting deep into depth; pleasure to meet anyone who becomes my friend on here. <3