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I will not be accepting friend requests from people I don't know anymore. Don't take it personally, the amount is just getting pretty ridiculous.
( But feel free to follow my twitter, tumblr, curiouscat :3 Or simply drop me a message so we can get to know eachother :D ) 

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About Me

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These are stories I have taken offline for different reasons.
However, to give my dear donators at least some kind of benefit, I am still allowing for them to read these. 
They will be invite-only. If you are a donator and don't have access to (some of) these - shoot me a DM! 

First Impressions (4Minute Gayoon+Sohyun)
BEG Collection (Brown Eyed Girls Stories)
Precious Porcelain (Red Velvet Joyrene)
Lipstick Robbery (Red Velvet Yerene) - Unfinished
Breakout (SNSD Hyohyun) - Unfinished
Wonderful One-shot collection (Wonder Girls stories)
Butterfly Journey (f(x) Luntoria)
In Her Clutches (f(x) Lunstal)
Guilty Pleasure (Sistar Sora)
Delivery (f(x) Luntoria)
Unfortunate Housing (EXID Solji+Hani)
Park Picnic Successor (Red Velvet Joyrene)
Promotion (Dalshabet Woohee+Subin)
Rail Glancing (9Muses Kyungri+Keumjo)
Incentive (f(x) Luntoria)
Black Spots (Sistar Sora)


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