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Hi guys :)

First, I want to say this: if you see someone plagiarizing my stories, tell me. I like to share my stories here, but that doesn't mean I want someone to copy and write them with other couples

Even though I had lots and lots of HyukHae stories here, you can read Let's Try Again if you like HaeHyuk - the only one I have here.




All my stories are EunHae and every single word is for this couple, so DO NOT plagiarize my stories - if it's not yours then DO NOT take it without my permission. Also, don't translate and don't screenshot.

I'm glad when you read and also leave a comment :)


See you ♡


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Super Junior fan, D&E and Yesung stan.

Joohoney stan 🥰

EunHae is nice ;)

HyukHae writer 💙