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Later in the "The Colds Hotel" story, Should I add in ual funny or nice clean funny? Been stuck on that for while, wonder what readers want out of this sto

  • no way, just romance simple
  • gentle ual (here and skip to there , less details)
  • in heat (show details of process going on)
  • mixes it all up!

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Hi, I'm Artist, love reading the fanfic stories, and is working on my first story to releases soon. I has been silent reading on this site long time and now finally to join!  For moments, I'm enjoying reading other stories to support, vote and make new friends as well.  :)  Updates: Just added 2 Stories, check them out, other new new story coming out soon, maybe this week! \o/

*Other things, I love Kdramas, TDramas, and Kpop. My Favs is such like JyJ (Used to love and misses Yunjae! cuz, of them that how I learn about fanfic), Homin, 2pm, Vixx, Got7, Btob, BigBang, and many fews.

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