Personal Message

I try to organize and plan out as much of my fanfics as I can ahead of time that way I have time to think of what group and members would be good for the characters I thought of and all of that. so I work really hard on them. I hope you guys like and enjoy my work. I'm always open to more advice and opinions on my work so please don't be afraid to comment and if its good please don't be afraid to give it an upvote.

About Me

Hi, my name is Hailie I am a huge kpop fan I really like all groups but my top 10 are BAP, BTS, Pentagon, SF9, Block B, EXO, Vixx, Day6, Shinee, and Monsta X


I really love all music but Kpop is a much bigger part of my life. I also watch a lot of anime so sometimes I take an idea from an anime I have watched and use it in a story but throw my own kinda thing into it.


I made all of the covers for my stories myself! I love seeing that my stories have comments I like to see what you guys think and feel throughout my stories it makes me really happy and it actually helps with my future stories so please don't be afraid to comment!!