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Which Song Should I Do A Cover Of For Chinese Class?

  • Destiny
  • Blue Tomorrow
  • My All Is In You

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I love to write and I just write for my (and my readers) entertainment! If you ever need a beta, just mark me as co-author and message me and I'll fix your grammar and spelling problems! I promise I wont mess with the story! And being born, knowing English, It will make the story make sense when the reader reads it!!:D

About Me

I'm in highschool from Texas! I love to write and listen to KPOP <33

Bias is Donghae and Eunhyuk = EUNHAE

Obviously I love Super Junior! Haha

My twitter: Dani_Elle_ELF

My Instagram:dani_elle_elf

add if ya wanna be frieenddsssss!!:>


(To all my readers: I'm a senior in high school, so there are a lot of scholarships and college applications i have to take care of before being able to write and update... so please don't rush me! All the stories will be updated and finished, eventually)