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Hello ~~

I've been on AFF for quiet a while already but I only started to write my own FF's like last year again.

Check out my works so far:

너 때문에 (Because Of You) (GOT7 Youngjae x OC, fluff, angst) on going/hiatus
Rewind (GOT7 Mark x Junior, hospitalau, romance, squel to 이.별 (The Star/Farewell)on going
Turn Up The Music (GOT7 Jaebum x Youngjae, dancerau, fluff) on going

이.별 (The Star/Farewell) (GOT7 Mark x Junior, hospitalau, oneshot) complete
Baby Don't Play ( GOT7 Jaebum x Youngjae, soulmateau, tattooau, oneshot) complete
If You ( GOT7 Jaebum x Youngjae, fluff, romance, oneshot) complete


Who's My IGOT7 Secret Santa? Event 2015 hosted with The Narratress complete
Who's My IGOT7 Secret Santa? Event 2016 hosted with The Narratress complete

I also have other stories and oneshots planned but for now I will try to concentrate on the ones listed above but from time to time I will drop a oneshot probably.

About Me

Well at first thank you for reading this ^-^

I'm Mona from switzerland and sadly not all that often updating *sigh* but I try my best to keep on going

Follow me on Twitter @itsOnly_HeyYou

You can also find me on Amino (IGOT7s', Sunshine Youngjae, Im Jaebum Amino and 2Jae) with the same username I have here ^^