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I truly wish that I could welcome you in a better manner, but all I can come up with is a mere "Hi!" so please don't be turned of by my boring personality...(please.)
About me, to start with, there's my ultimate bias group BTS and I've been stuck with them since June 12, 2013. I have grown so attached to them and have been through so much with them that sometimes it feels like I've already been having a real life relationship (which is weird but can't all kpop fans relate...) Other than BTS, I also love C-Clown, Lunafly, Cross Gene, Speed, DGNA, M.Pire, and 24k, amongst other groups. You can probably tell that this isn't your typical list of favorite groups because not many kpop fans love under appreciated groups as much as I do, but I enjoy growing up with them, and it's great to see them achieve whatever success they - and fans alike - strive and live for. I'd love to meet more fans that have similar favorites as I do! ^-^
I've been into kpop since the second week of February, 2011, and I'm mostly saying this for myself so that I don't forget in the future. The first group that I fell in love with was Shinee because my twin sister was intrigued by them after they were mentioned in an anime fanfic, but you already know what group I'm into now.
Oh by the way, does anybody like Prince of Tennis? Because I sure do. My favorite character is Yukimura, and speaking of anime/manga, I'm also officially in love with Detective Conan and Dr. Black Jack.

I am always open to making new friends (but I tend to use emoticons too much and I am so awkward in person, and I did mention boring earlier). Just add or write to me anytime and I'd be more than glad to talk to you ^.^

{ x } Feelings : 
{ x }Want : I really want to watch all of my groups perform live, and I especially want to watch Bangtan do their impossibly difficult choreography in person. Is it too much to say that I also want to marry a member?
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