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About Me

Boma is actually my nickname given by a friend from high school. It is nowhere near my real name haha. I can't remember where did she got it from but yeah.

I am a 4th-year lesbian college student in the Philippines who likes to write whatever comes to mind.

I have a girlfriend. Were in our 5th year and I really love her. She's my inspiration and my strength.

I have a dog named Bambi. She's a 4 years old husky whom I really really love despite being with her for 1 year.

I've been a Reveluv since sm rookies era. Hehe kinda old I know. My bias is Seulgi but I'm whipped for Irene, y'know like every Seulgi-biased.

I am an SM-Stan. I love Exo so much, they brought me to kpop. My bias is Chanyeol and Lay. Love Aespa too, my bias is Winter. Love all SM groups.

So yeah.