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비누로 깨끗이 씻어내면
상처입은 것들을 다 씻어내면
그속에 든 이쁜 마음이 보여
너랑 나랑 같이 비누 하자

If you wash it off clean with soap,
If you wash off your scars,
You can see the beautiful heart inside,
You and I, let’s binu together
- Binu by Bibi

A peaceful, lighthearted atmosphere, surrounded by those you love and those who love you, where the good times melt together into one endless joy. That is what you will find here at Binu Krp, a general, mewe-based roleplay accepting all Asians above the age of 18!

Come and join our ever-expanding family, wash off your troubles of the past, and let the good times roll~

  • Mewe Based
  • Semi-literate
  • Accepting all asians
  • Monthly events
  • Drama Free