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~l still have know clue why people like me~ ~I love sleeping but I don't sleep~

About Me

~I hail from beautiful BC, Canada. I am a free sprite artist, I am a kind person but I can be intense with my use of words, I love cats, horror, reading, anime and fresh air. Writing and drawing is in my blood, I still don't find time to do what I love tho, is making art and a book one day selling it that is one of my dreams is to be an author/artist! But I am totally not a professional because I have never can get Grammar down right at first , plus English is hard and I am a born english speaker, I like finding loop holes in everything. Main hobbies are listening to music well I do everything in my daily life, I can't go a day with out beautiful tunes and voices, like from k-pop/c-pop idols they're sure amazing people! Thanks for taking the time to read my stories, even when they're not that special! XOXO love ya all!<3~