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Hello everyone :) don't be shy! I'm very friendly and approachable so please feel free to talk to me <3 by the way advertisements do not bother me whatsoever so go crazy with them, I subscribe a lot and can be an avid commenter ^_^

About Me

Hello~ you can call me Wawa if you like :) unnie/noona/dongsaeng is fine too

A little bit of info about me~

favorite girl groups: A Pink, and f(x) 

favorite members: Eunji and Amber 

favorite boy groups: too many so I won't name xD same goes for favorite members 

Favorite actress: Park Shinhye 

Favorite actor: Johnny Depp

((ps those are just the two that immediately popped into my head haha))

I love Kdramas as well as some anime. I have a cat =^,^= and right now I am 17 

Any questions about me? Just ask :D