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poo_domination #1
What happened to our past requests?
will we still be able to receive them or do we need to make another request?
I would like to cancel my re-do... well maybe you haven't see it yet^^ But it just I cannot wait even though I really really want to request here since my fic is gonna end soon so I have to request from others... I'm really sorry ><

I hope you could go back again, so I could request for my other stories... thanKYU again and again :D
It's really sad that you guys are not taking any requests now. But I'll wait patiently until you guys are open to take in requests. :D
your posters are so amajjing~~~~~ O:
I will put up the poster on my fanfic as soon as I get to use my deskstop! I liked it very much, thanks!
[deactivated] #7
Thanks for the poster! I really love it!!
Thanks for the beautiful poster~! ^-^
Chapter 1: I love all your posters ^^ I wish I could request :(
SHINee4ever21 #10
Chapter 1: Love the poster! Thank you so much!! :D I really appreciate your work <3
-cristal #11
i love you and your posters *o*
thank u so much!! :D
Thanks for the poster! It suits well! Really appreciate it x10
[deactivated] #13
Ermagerd! I love it. Thanks so much <3
Chapter 1: thanKYU chingu^^

I really like it since it's cute and you're my favorite artist but can I request for a re-do? Because on my story, Hae is the wife but on the poster, it was switched...
I know you're busy and also am I, so I don't mind if it is delayed or not^^ Just tell if you could do it, and for the nth time... thanKYU :D
Chapter 1: Thank you so much
-esque #16
Chapter 1: I seriously cannot get over how good of a graphics designer you are. *Q*
Sooo... The request form tells me that it's private and not open to the public. I've requested once before a long time ago and wanted to do so again for a story I was planning. How do I get it to like me D: ?
Chocolatemushrooms #18
Hi! I just requested but I think my summary wasn't included for some strange reason, so can you please just accept it in this comment? Here it is:

By chance, he begins dancing in the streets of Hongdae. By chance, she visits Hongdae and sees him dancing. By chance, they continue visiting that one place where they found each other, both oblivious to the other's actions.

But was it really all by chance?

Thank you and I am so sorry ^^
I requested ~ :)
[deactivated] #20
applied as a designer.
*.* MBLAQ layout!!! AWESOME! First shop that I see using MBLAQ in their layout! SUbscribed! You deserve it!*thumbs up* Plus, really lovely work!^^
ChaeYo #22
I've picked up my poster, thank you ^^
Soshi_Ederlyn #23
Wooo! Its very beautiful. I love it. Thank you!!! XD Hahaha. I'll request again, some other time. LOL :P
[deactivated] #24
Thank you for the poster! ^^
Just got mine, for Torn.
Just pickes up the poster it's awesome! :D
thank you so much~ ^^
I already pick up the poster of my fic named 'If Possible' and 'SHY GIRL'. The poster for 'If possible' is great but I'm not really satisfied with the one for 'SHY GIRL' but still, thank you for your hard working

I just want to let you know that I've picked up my a-ma-zing poster. c:
Thank you very much!

I love the concept of the poster~! o u o
Oh, by the way, my poster is 'Blue.'
SapphireQueen #29
Blue is so adorable :D
I love the cartoony sketch things ;)
I've picked up my poster~! Really really love it~! THANK YOU SO MUCHY~!
I have applied for the trainee program~
OMG THE END IS AWESOME! I love it a lot <3
I really love 'he's no longer the same' too, i like the colors and the blur effect on Myungsoo :)
My "The End" and "No name" are so great ! Thank you VERY MUCH pape <3
SapphireQueen #34
I really love the 'The End' poster :)
The colors, blending, and textures look nice
Applied as a trainee designer c; !
jaeminchul, the amazing posters you make ;~; fnadifadnifaoifadof /stares.
jonginies #36
thank you so much for the poster! i love it! <3 xD
Kris-C25 #37
Chapter 1: maganda ung lay-out of course yes yes yes.. HAHAHAHAHA~ lol~ ano next na i --fee feature mo? hehE
Kris-C25 #38
UI ATE GUSTO KO YUNG WIPE YOUR EYES! KYUHYUN/YOONA/KRYSTAL YUN DIBA?? ALA GUSTO KO NG GANUNG STYLE! hehe~ :) LOL~ pag nag request ako gusto ko din ng ganon! MOMMY! GUSTO KO NG GANON *points at that*
SapphireQueen #39
your blending and typography are both so nice :D
Thank you a lot for the posters. I really like them :D