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                                                       1.Subscribe to the shop. show us some love ~
                                                       2. Credit us and our designers.
                                                       3. Provide us HQ pictures,
that way your poster will be cooler
                                                       4. You can ask for a redo, but just ONCE.
                                                       5. Maximum individual pictures in the poster: 5
                                                       6. Maximum groups: 3
                                                       7. Comment after you pick up the poster.
                                                       8. Use the poster and/or BG for AT LEAST 3 WEAKS.
                                                       9. Do not request anything if you think of deleting your story.

                                                       We are working hard for your posters you know...
                                                       10. Comment after you fill out the request form. 
                                                       11. Have some fun, okay? ^^




Fill it out carefully. * fields are required

*AFF Username
*Profile link
*Story Title
Story link
*Characters: name and/or picture. If you don't add a picture, we will choose it for ya.

*Designer: check out the "Designers and Examples chapter"
Anything else?





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