Is it okay to advertise more than once

I've been wondering if it is okay to put up your fiction more than once on the daily ad-bid? Like, I have been trying all I've got to advertise my fictions as many times as possible, but I don't want to seem greedy or take away the chances of other people... Is there a limit?
What do you think and how do you feel about that?
9 months ago
I think it’s alright to do so, you could also advertise to individuals as well!
10 months ago
It's ok, get as many reads as you can 😚
10 months ago
I think it's okay, but you should limit it to about once a week. That way, other people have their chance. I've advertised one story about three times, but I did it at least a month apart so it reaches a variety of people (those who log into AFF daily vs those only a few times a month).