Can we stop featuring mature content in the non-mature section?

If AFF doesn't take any action then we will. Always report if you see mature content that isn't rated as 'mature'. People purely do it JUST to get featured, because it requires less subs/votes to get a non-mature story featured. I am literally disgusted that some authors are willing to expose minors (or people in general) to content they didn't sign up for in order to get featured. GET YOURSELF TOGETHER.
1 week ago
I used to find stories get featured in non-rated sections, but when I looked into the chapters, most of them were rated as [M] and I was (still am) like ??????? And if I rmb correctly, those are from the same author but I can't seem to find them anymore uwu
1 week ago
Do people actual do this? That's so surprising to me! As an [M] writer, I've never thought of doing that to a story. Like, I understand, the [M] featured section is usually always dominated by oneshots, however the fact that people are doing that is just plain wrong. It's great and all to have a lot of people read your fic, but I don't think that being featured is that important to subject unsuspecting people to mature content.