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THE REALIST CP that I have been loving until now (IDOL PRODUCER)

By yingyingcandy posted
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Nine Percent Fanfic, Anyone?

By ss501exolover posted
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Getting back to it

By Forfirith posted
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new Xukun X Ziyi fic

By Trey_Desu posted
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Me, A Nine Percent Stan,

By lonerforever posted
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Cai Xukun is my bias in Idol Producer

By aisyahsamuri posted
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Idol Producer (Ft. A Whole Bunch of Personal Opinions)

By lonerforever posted
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Idol Producer ( Part One Of My Baes)

By Han_Jaeri posted
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By Trey_Desu posted
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Idol Producer vs Produce 101 series

By sparkleheavenly posted
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