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Encore of Emotions

In the dazzling world of fame, Minjeong conceals her love for Jimin amid their synchronized performances. As Jimin grapples with fame's complexities and fleeting romances, Minjeong clings to hope that their next song could be their love's encore.

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By htani19 Updated
Characters Chiaki Tani, Kotoha Hanaori, Mako Shiraishi, Genta Umemori, Takeru Shiba, Ryuunosuke Ikenami
With 7 chapters, 200 views, 12 words
Status Completed


Samurai Sentai Shinkenger fanfiction novel- The katanas of the future (ENG)

By htani19 Updated
Characters Chiaki Tani, Kotoha Hanaori, Mako Shiraishi, Genta Umemori, Takeru Shiba, Ryuunosuke Ikenami
With 7 chapters, 550 views, 9925 words
Status Completed

Synopsis: The Shinkengers met a young man with a blank past, and also encountered an unknown and mysterious Shinkenger in dark. Who is he and what is he aiming for? What is the Gedou stone and what mysteries hide behind it? What will await the Shinkengers in front of the future?

Kiss The Cook

By yami0204 Updated
Tags  crossover   drabble   exo   crack   chen   jongdae   kimjongdae   tokusatsu   sentai   kyuranger   spada 
Characters kim jongdae, chen, spada
With 2 chapters, 1 subscribers, 610 views, 4910 words
Status Completed

After EXO and the Kyurangers worked together to defeat Jark Matter on EXO Planet, it's time for a well-deserved celebration.

Savior Zero: Chronicles of Kings and Queens of Hope

By syer1001 Updated
Characters OCs, Nicole Jung
With 5 chapters, 10 subscribers, 510 views, 38923 words
Status [M]

Dimension Defenders

By syer1001 Updated
Tags  hellovenus   kamenrider   tokusatsu 
Characters Charles Eisen (OC), Alice (Song Juhee)
With 2 chapters, 4 subscribers, 1050 views, 1 comments, 10071 words

In the year of 2015, sudden appearances of portals to parallel dimensions appear all at once, transferring people of different worlds to new locations. Even when it is controlled by an organization, these portals keep spewing people and tkaing others with them. What's worse is that monsters appear with them as well. The hero, Charles Eisen is one of the people stuck in a new world, and now living to fight against unknown creatures responsible for such incident. He was known in his world as Ka

Lenore Zero- Tournament of LOVE (Law Of Violent a)

By syer1001 Updated
Tags  fantasy   tara   tokusatsu 
Characters Ocs, celebrities, fiction characters, Ham Eunjung
With 1 chapters, 1 subscribers, 220 views, 3488 words

When a princess wanted to get married, all she has to do is say it and a deadly tournament is announced to find the winner, a prefect groom for her. Yet she has enlisted numbers of participants to forced them to join the tournament. Each of them are special individuals. But why?

Affliate Zero Origins

By syer1001 Updated
Characters OCs, soon there will Kamen Rider and Super Sentai characters, and more...
With 2 chapters, 200 views, 11088 words

Prequel to Affliate Zero Protector: Dimension Wars. This is the introduction of the characters that appear throughout the stories, and how they ended up joining the war between good and evil.

Affliate Zero's Love Stories

By syer1001 Updated
Tags  tokusatsu 
Characters OCs, some idols (check the list)
With 1 subscribers, 430 views, 792 words

Just some stories related to my tokusatsu fic, Affliate Zero. Spoilers, though.

Kodai Sentai Seishin Renjā

By sooyoungster98 Updated
Tags  tokusatsu 
With 167 words

Ok, so this is the world of the super sentai known as ancient sentai spirit ranger... their powers are based of ancient Filipino folklore. and here are the rangers (pictures to be added next update i'm still working on the character design). Red Tikbalang Ranger- Alfonso (cool, racer, leader, Amy's other half) Yellow Diwata Ranger- Johara (tough, tomboy) Pink Aswang Ranger- Amy (ghost from within Alfon

My Quotes

By HIME_EC Updated
Tags  quotes   imagination   tokusatsu 
Characters you
With 5 chapters, 3 subscribers, 6 comments, 859 words

Anyeonog ^^.. This is my first post that fill with quotes Around chapter 1-3 will be fill with my own quotes, but on the 4-6chapter will be fill with quotes that are not made by me Some of the quotes are made by me, animes,