trigger warning: teen pregnancy

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bang eunhui

"my mother was my role model before I even knew what that word was."

🌸 lisa leslie.


FULL NAME bang eunhui
🌸 emily – the english name that she picked for herself
🌸 pangi – suhyang's nickname for her because she eats bread so often. ppang means bread.
🌸 honey – minho called her that when they were together because eunhui sounds like honey

DOB 10/20/2002 (20)
BIRTHPLACE mokpo, south korea
HOMETOWN mokpo, south korea

PRONOUNS she/her/hers
🌸 korean – 100% – she's a native from mokpo
🌸 japanese & english – 10% – she learned in school

FACECLAIM cho yihyun
BACKUP park jihoo

HEIGHT 161cm

APPEARANCE she looks exactly like her faceclaim. her hair is black. she has a lobe and helix piercing on each ears. she has stretch marks on her stomach that she's insecure about. she usually goes out without makeup but wears light makeup when she goes out.

STYLE eunhui dresses simple and conservatively, a big fan of long skirts/dresses, blouses and cardigans. she likes neutral colors, especially white, beige, pink and purple. mostly she'd just wear floral and plaid patterns. she hasn't dressed up in a long time so she'd put effort into her outfits. she doesn't have any party dresses since she's never been to a party, she doesn't like wearing anything tight because she's not confident in her body. for sleeping she wears a mismatched shirt and pajama pants or shorts. she wouldn't mind going around chungsam hall in her loungewear and a sheet mask on if she doesn't have anywhere to go. she doesn't care about impressing others because she already accepted that she wouldn't find love again so when she dresses up its for herself.




chungsam hall:



eunhui was born in mokpo to middle school sweethearts bang hyunwon and son nayeong. her parents were happy, they ran a restaurant downstairs from their house and lived a normal quiet life. growing up for eunhui was easy too, her parents rarely fought and she was a happy only child. her parents didn't stress her about grades or anything as long as she wasn't failing or getting into trouble and she never did either.

she fell in love for the first time in middle school when she was 15. his name was jung minho and she was head over heels for him. after many rejections he finally came around a year later and they started dating. their relationship was really innocent for a while until they took it a step further after a year of dating. eunhui found out she was pregnant and insisted on keeping it but instead of the happy family she wished for, minho moved away. she had to drop out of school because of all the rumors that her pregnancy caused. everyone in their neighborhood knew each other so it didn't take long for people to find out. it affected her parents business too since people thought, if they couldn't raise their daughter well then who's to say they're making the food ethically.

when her baby girl was born, eunhui took care of her on her own with her parents. she was heartbroken but didn't let it stop her from doing what she had to. she took a lot of responsibility as a mom instead of leaving it to her parents. instead of going back to school she studied to get her ged and graduated last year. it was always her dream to go to jeju university and study horticulture but she was going to give it up to be a mom and get a part time job instead. but since she stepped up so much her parents agreed to take care of the baby while she goes to college and she feels bittersweet about it.


(+) motherly, responsible, caring, empathetic, driven
(-) overprotective, pessimistic, overthinking, cautious

motherly & responsible: eunhui automatically takes the motherly role in relationships, probably because she’s actually a mom. just imagine the designated mom friend and it’s her. she is gentle with everyone and everything giving her friends space and affection when they need but also nagging when necessary. she takes responsibility really seriously and she’s also good at multitasking. if she makes a commitment she sees it through, even when she has a lot to do she still remains a 4.0. as the mom friend she takes on a lot by helping her friends and being for them yet somehow never disappoints or misses anything, especially not a deadline.

caring & empathetic: eunhui treats everyone as she would want to be treated. she handles things with a lot of care because she genuinely wants to do well. she’s a big believer of treat people how you want to be treated. she makes sure everyone is taken care of even the quietest and most awkward ones in the group. eunhui has always been understanding to other peoples emotions, willing to listen to them and give them advice. that’s one of the big parts that make her a mom friend. she knows how it feels to be judged so she isn't afraid to defend people or tell off rude people.

driven: anything that eunhui puts her mind to she will try to do it. she’s very persistent but realistic if she can get something or not. she used to be more idealistic but after having a baby she became realistic because life isn’t all peaches and roses.

overprotective & cautious: like any mom eunhui cares a lot and sometimes too much. she's skeptical of people, especially when it comes to people she cares about because she doesn't want them getting hurt.

pessimistic & overthinking: she wants to think the best of people but her overprotectiveness makes her think the worst of certain situations. like she doesn't believe in true love anymore and thinks guys have the worst intentions just because she got hurt before. she's contradictory in that way since she'll preach about giving people the benefit of the doubt but then judge men so easily. she can't help but worry about worse case scenarios


방현원 & 손나영 bang hyunwon & son nayeong

  • Relationship: parents.
  • DOB: 1973ers (49).
  • Occupation: restaurant owners.
  • Orientation: straight.
  • Faceclaim: n/a.

⸢ ⋆ ⸥ description
her parents are sweetest people ever. they are both understanding to her and support her however they can. they want her to have hope for the future but she's stubborn. though they don't blam her for hating minho. they're so cute together and lovey dovey sometimes that eunhui wants to throw up and tells them to get a room. they saw how down she was seeing her friends live their best lives in college and partying so they wanted her to live a normal life. 

정해영 jung hayeong

  • Relationship: daughter.
  • DOB: 10/9/2019 (3).
  • Occupation: being adorbs.
  • Faceclaim: agijagimin on ig.

⸢ ⋆ ⸥ description
hayeong is like any other 3 year old, loud and energetic. she isn’t shy to talk to strangers and is willing to give a helping hand towards anyone. she’s like eunhui in that way but when it comes to expressing herself she’s just like minho. she was a good baby that didn’t cry often though now when she’s upset she just sits on her own without saying anything, even if she cries to barely ever says the reason leaving eunhui to guess everytime. though she usually guesses right it’s still frustrating. she wants to be a mermaid when she gets older because she loves swimming and the beach, eunhui wants to take her to jeju really badly since the beaches are beautiful. hayeong talks about her dad more often these days since starting daycare. eunhui always told her that her dad will come soon so she’s been waiting this whole time and gets hopeful when she sees other kids and their dads since she thinks that’ll be her someday. eunhui knows she messed up by giving her so much hope but she didn’t know how else to say it.

황수향 hwang suhyang

  • Relationship: best friend.
  • DOB: 12/7/2002 (20).
  • Occupation: 2nd year pharmacy major at mokpo university.
  • Orientation: straight.
  • Faceclaim: lee eunsaem.

⸢ ⋆ ⸥ description
suhyang is the best friend that hates minho's guts. she was the only one truly there for eunhui so she knows all the struggles she went through unlike minho. she talks bad about him all the time. a bossy and loud friend that grew up with five siblings so she makes a great babysitter. everytime eunhui comes back to mokpo they fill each other in on their lives while spending time with hayeong. she wants eunhui to go crazy in college, get drunk and hook up with people because she deserves it, minho can’t just ruin her whole life.

한유라 han yurah

  • Relationship: minho's girlfriend.
  • DOB: 12/7/2002 (20).
  • Occupation: 2nd year economics major.
  • Orientation: straight.
  • Faceclaim: shin yeeun.

⸢ ⋆ ⸥ description
minho started dating yurah because she thought he looked cool playing basketball and wanted to get to know the real him. they only spent two months together before the summer when they were totally separated so they didn’t date for long. yurah is from jeju so she doesn’t live on campus but they find time to see each other and hang out between or during classes. they’re a really normal couple. yurah has no idea that minho is a father, he mentioned having one girlfriend before but refuses to go into more detail so she never pressed him on it. she’s easygoing and friendly so she doesn’t get jealous easily but after seeing how minho looks at eunhui she would feel weird about it and try to figure out what’s up between those two.


🌸 flowers
🌸 spring
🌸 bees
🌸 bread
🌸 sweet potatoes
🌸 animated movies
🌸 photobooths with friends
🌸 jelly candies
🌸 parks
🌸 nature
🌸 bike rides
🌸 petting stray cats
🌸 wearing sandals
🌸 buying matching outfits and accessories with her friends
🌸 winter
🌸 math
🌸 people that talk bad about teen moms and single parents
🌸 sappy romantic dramas because all they do is lie
🌸 people who smoke or vape
🌸 wearing her hair up for a long time since it hurts her head
🌸 wearing heels and tight clothes
🌸 growing small plants in her room
🌸 riding her bike
🌸 watercolor painting at the park
🌸 exercising everyday
🌸 keeping her phone on ring incase her family calls her
🌸 making her bed after waking up
🌸 facetiming hayeong before she goes to bed
🌸 picking pretty flowers she sees and putting them on her wall
🌸 carrying candy in her bag
🌸 rides her pink bike around campus and gives her friends rides
🌸 eating toast in the morning
🌸 losing hayeong
🌸 being a bad mom
🌸 hayeong getting seriously hurt
🌸 her parents dying
🌸 she’s a strong believer in petal fortunes, meaning she plucks the petals of a flower and the last one is her fate. like the she loves me she loves me not thing. some might call her ridiculous but they haven’t proven her wrong yet
🌸 she takes pinky swears very seriously
🌸 her lockscreen is hayeong
🌸 she’s a fan of twice and seventeen
🌸 she accepted the fact that she'll be alone forever and no one will want to date or marry her so she isn't looking to date. though the terrified look on guys face when they find out she has a kid still hurts her deep down even though she says its funny and uses it to push them away
🌸 she's never been stung by a bee, they land on her and linger but never sting
🌸 she rather let bugs go than kill them
🌸 she takes care of her health a lot now that she's a mom because she wants to live long for her baby so she doesn't smoke and definitely won't do any kind of drugs
🌸 the only person she's ever dated is minho
🌸 she still sleeps with the molang plushie that minho gave her, only because it was with her through the hardships of pregnancy and it was eunhui's favorite out of all her plushies so they have matching ones
🌸 she can cook well
🌸 she still has her parents to clean after her so she isn't a very tidy person but she knows where everything is in her messes
🌸 she prefers not to drink but she would drink socially sometimes. she has a bad alcohol tolerance and when she's drunk she nags strangers 


MAJOR horticulture
ROOM PREFERENCES she’d apply for a triple room because she needs to save money as much as she can. she doesn’t mind having anyone as a roommate as long as they’re respectful to her things. she’s an overly accommodating person so anyone she gets she’d respect their boundaries and try to match them as best as she can. she’d want to be friends with her roommate since she doesn’t know anyone in jeju.

SCHEDULE eunhui would spend her weekdays going to class and working at one of the many gardens on campus. she’ll finally get the college experience while being the responsible friend. she makes sure to study and finish her homework by friday night so on the weekends she can go to mokpo and spend time with hayeong. she does this every weekend with no exceptions so if her friends wanna party they better make it friday.

DIRECTION eunhui really just wants to get the whole college experience. i see her story revolving around struggling to relate to her peers, dealing with the stigma of being a single mom, and the sadness of being away from her baby while trying to enjoy her college life. also the whole love situation with minho just brings on added stress.


hello! welcome to the jeju university family! can you tell me a bit about yourself?

hi, i’m bang eunhui, originally i’m from a beautiful little town in mokpo. i’m 20 years old and this may be a shocker if you didn’t read my college essay but i’m actually a single mom to an adorable 3 year old named hayeong. I’m feeling kind of worried and anxious about being away from her but my parents said this will be for for me so here i am!

out of all the colleges in korea, why did you pick jeju university and why your major?

i always loved flowers and nature since I was little, it was actually my dream to have my own flower shop. i know you don’t need a college degree to do that but while I was pregnant I was really conscious of what I put in my body and after hayeong was born I was even more concerned about the food she put in her body. I learned that there are so many chemicals in our food that affect our health and it made me more interested in natural foods, and planting. i was looking through a book of colleges when I was 16 and saw images of the beautiful gardens and landscapes here. it said you’re known for natural sciences too so that just solidified my choice more. before I even got pregnant this was my dream school. if I’m studying horticulture I might as well come to the university with the best gardens, seems counterproductive if I didn’t.

where do you see yourself in 10 years?

in 10 years I’d be 30 and hayeong would be 13 so I see myself being a mom to a teenager, which I’m not looking forward to. but also working as a horticultural researcher, who knows maybe having my own brand of organic food or herbal medicines and teas. not quite sure which one I want to focus on yet, but I definitely know that if I have a store it will definitely have a small flower shop as well.

what would you say are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?

i can multitask like crazy, I didn’t know it was possible to focus on 4 things at once until I became a mom. a day where things go smoothly has been unheard of for the last 3 years, so that has definitely made me a stronger person. especially when it comes to dealing with pressure. I’d say my weakness is maybe I lost the whole being spontaneous thing because I didn’t have time to be in so long and I’m constantly worried about the what ifs. motherhood really made me grow up fast but I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.

as a freshman you will reside in chungsam hall, what do you look for in a roommate? any lifestyle habits that you find intolerable?

most days I wake up with my daughters foot on my face so I have no standards at this point. i can deal with anything, one thing that I can’t stand the most is smoking but I’m sure that’s against the rules anyways.

what are you looking forward to the most as an incoming freshman?

being a student again~ it’s been a while since I’ve been in a classroom setting around people my age. it’s kind of like starting new so it’s weird but I’m excited to meet new people and have the whole college experience.

my beloved

jung minho

FULL NAME jung minho
🌸 jungmin – people tend to call him that for no reason whatsoever
🌸 mingomie – eunhui's nickname for him because he was her personal teddy bear. he always gave really warm hugs.
DOB 07/10/2002 (20)
HOMETOWN mokpo, south korea
OCCUPATION 2nd year business major

PRONOUNS he/him/his
🌸 korean – 100% –  he is a native korean from mokpo
🌸 english – 10% – a lot of people think he can speak english because he looks mixed but he's just korean and his english besides the basics

FACECLAIM park solomon
BACKUP yoon chanyoung

(+) organized, responsible, modest, calm
(-) detached, passive, aloof, melancholic

PERSONALITY modest & calm: getting by without drawing much attention to himself is a good day for minho. he doesn’t want any excessive attention, just the ability to do what he likes without stirring the pot. he comes off as shy, he’s really quiet around strangers and doesn’t talk unless spoken to. he has trouble speaking up even to order food. even with his friends he's known as the quiet one that goes along with things.

organized & responsible: he follows directions well, his dad directed him a lot through life and he’s listened to all of it. he likes having a set routine and does what is expected of him. he’s perfectly fine going to class, working, playing basketball, and going home. his routine is the same.

detached & aloof: since his dad directed a lot of his life he doesn’t put much feeling into anything just goes with the motions. he is oblivious to others feelings unless you tell him or make it obvious, he doesn’t like confrontation so he’ll assume everything is okay. he is afraid to love something a lot in fear that it’ll leave him like he did for eunhui so he never loved anything so much again. now that he’s dating yurah he goes through the motions of a relationship and does what he should but doesn’t put so much effort or express himself much.

passive: he deals with arguing by shutting down or just saying what the person wants to hear instead of what he really feels. a lot of the time he doesn’t know what he feels. he goes with whatever other people want and is fine with that. the other way around makes him uncomfortable because he’s indecisive.

melancholic: sometimes minho will sit and get lost in thought about things from the pass and feel a sadness. even when he’s enjoying himself he can never fully seem free or happy. there is just an underlying sadness in him all the time.

BACKGROUND minho came from a normal family in mokpo, his dad influenced him to study business because the company he worked for paid well and he knew he could get minho in after he graduated. minho never really had an interest in business but he just went along with it because parents know best. his life was really simple growing up he just studied and hung out with his friends like kids do. it’s meeting eunhui that really changed up his usual routine. after knocking her up his family moved to gwangju to avoid the shame. now he’s a normal student at jju living on campus, no one knows that he abandoned his unborn child back in mokpo.

LOVE STORY eunhui liked minho for a whole year before he liked her back. it all took place back in middle school. she gushed to her friends about every little thing he did and he was well aware of her crush on him too but he didn't like her back. everytime she confessed to him he rejected her. all his rejections didn't discourage her, it only made her work harder. eunhui following him around and sending him love notes during class became apart of his daily routine. he got used to all the attention that when summer hit and he went away he kind of missed her.

the following year her crush on him picked right back up where it started and eventually he fell for her too. they started dating on november 27, 2018. eunhui forced him out of his daily routine by making him skip basketball practice to go explore mokpo with her. they did different things like go to the park, the arcade or karaoke. his dad wasn't open to him dating so young so they kept it a secret until his dad saw them holding hands and feeding each other at a night market when minho said basketball practice ran late. he got in trouble but instead of just backing down and breaking up, eunhui showed up at his place and introduced herself. it wasn't planned at all and minho was a nervous wreck but the dinner went well. his parents liked her though they still thought he was too young to date and didn't approve.

eunhui didn't spend much time with minho's family anyways, he usually went to her place since her parents were more open. their relationship was really wholesome, they barely fought and if they did it didn't last long. they were each others first everything and made many happy memories together, even talked about having a family together despite only being in highschool. minho told her many things that he wouldn't dare tell anyone else because he felt safe with her. both of them were really happy.

their first time was really awkward yet cute. they had no idea what they were doing and minho lasted all of 2 seconds but it made them even more in love somehow. their puppy love was cut short a few months after, eunhui would come to school every morning looking terribly sick and irritable. her parents thought she was finally hitting the part of puberty when their kid becomes an irritable teenager. she was sensitive to smells and barely ate breakfast which was rare for her. at school she became more sassy towards her friends and would run out of class to throw up. no one thought it was weird, they didn't even have -ed class so they didn't know what signs to look for.

it was suhyang that pointed out that she gained weight while changing for gym and added up the clues herself. she was the oldest of five siblings, she knew when someone was pregnant and eunhui was showing all the signs. so during school eunhui took the test and it came back positive. she was filled with both happiness and fear. when she told minho he was filled with only fear, he knew his parents would kill him and it was all too soon. they kept it a secret for a while,  only them three knew adn both accommodated eunhui as best as they could. it wasn't weird for her to wear baggy clothes and she carried small, only have a small bump at 4 months. they were idealistic about it, planned their future together like they had a choice.

eventually she told her parents, they both confessed together and they were disappointed but accepted it. they didn't even scream at them. next they had a big dinner inviting minho's family to let them know as well and it went terrible. his mom choked on her lobster and his dad screamed at them in front of the whole restaurant. eunhui's parents were open to letting her keeping it but minho's parents thought they were crazy, told minho to never see her ever again and he did as he was told.

before they were always seen together but after his parents orders he avoided her. everyone started wondering what happened, at the same times rumors spread that she was pregnant from the restaurant incident. when people asked him if it was his he said no, even to his friends, causing people to get the wrong idea about eunhui. there were rumors that she slept with an upperclassman or someone from another school. the worst rumor was that a teacher knocked her up. she couldn’t understand how minho could ignore her so easily. not long after minho’s father was able to be transferred to the jeju division of his job so they moved away to avoid any rumors and ruining of the family name. it hurt that he left but it hurt even more that he didn’t say goodbye. once he was gone she was left to deal with the false rumors and bullying on her own. that was the end of their love story, she has left to do with the bullying and false rumors on her phone and never heard from him again. the last thing she expected was to see him at jju.

INTERACTIONS  before they used to be really loving but now the only thing that she feels towards him is resentment. she understands that his parents are strict and very much against baby but she feels like he didn’t have to listen to them and could’ve put up more of a fight to be with her. their break up really affected her because now she doesn’t believe in love anymore but there are times that she thinks of him and what they could’ve been. if she ever saw him in person she’d probably avoid him because there’s just too many emotions there. though between the two she would be the one to most likely start the conversation and keep it from getting awkward. it would be hard for her to hold back her many passive aggressive comments. she’s convinced herself that she hates him but there’s actually a lot of love there.

as for him he would be totally stunned to bump into her again because it’s what he least expected and probably his worst nightmare. every day since he started ignoring her he regretted it and hated how it all went down though he isn’t the type to express it or rebel against his parents so he had no choice. It’s just something he lives with in the back of his mind constantly and he hates himself for it. she blocked him on social media but he actually made a separate instagram account just to be able to snoop and see how she’s doing. he tried to move on with yurah but has accepted that he’ll never feel the same way about anyone else. just being around her can help him feel even a little bit happy again. there are so many things he wants to say and doesn’t know how to. no matter how she talks to him he’d take it all because it’s the least he can do for causing her so much pain.

whenever they’re around each other there’s a lot of awkward tension and no one knows why because she doesn’t say their history. they would know that she has a kid and the whole story but wouldn’t know that it was him. when her friends ask what her problem is she’d say that he reminds her of her ex boyfriend that she wants to punch in the face.

ENDING you can choose what happens~ you don't have to make it happy since eunhui doesn't expect much anyways

🌸 when she was pregnant she craved kimchi, sweet potatoes, homemade brownies, and a peanut butter and pickles sandwich. everytime they went to a restaurant she asked for many kimchi refills and she still does.
🌸 everytime afterschool they got sweet potatoes from an old lady that sold it near their school.
🌸 she likes baking but didn't feel like it like preggers so minho tried to make it a lot for her. he never perfected it though. since they broke up he never stopped practicing.
🌸 she still craves peanut butter and pickles sandwiches from time to time. minho thought it was weird but he ended up liking it and even eats it sometimes when he finds himself missing her.
🌸 he taught her how to play basketball and she’s pretty good now. she’s not the kind to act cute when playing, she actually tries to win
🌸 she never once talked bad about him to hayeong. she tells her that appa is busy and will come back someday so hayeong is really excited to meet him. she would draw him pictures and stuff too for when they meet
🌸 he was the one that liked the name hayeong
🌸 he’s apart of the basketball team and works at cha cha teahouse


COMMENTS i hope you like her, she was fun to write. my two boys coming soon!

🌸 eunhui’s parents tell her she doesn’t have to come every weekend, it’s ok to have fun on the weekends and live her life. but she doesn’t listen to they say they’re away for the weekend and don’t tell her where so eunhui is forced to stay in campus and is sulky the whole time.
🌸 suhyang visits her on campus and almost beats up minho
🌸 eunhui and minho kiss when they’re drunk? or completely sober, up to you
🌸 it’s girls vs guys in basketball and eunhui is winning a bunch of points for the girls and he feels lowkey proud.

PASSWORD nam kyunghee, she'd help her run the floor since she's shy.


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