reevaluate pls.

Okay, so as you guys know, there’s a new theme to this season of “Show Me The Money” called “Unpretty Rapstar” and the first episode came out oh mawwgaww ijwefnejnfiek it’s truly the best there’s so much tension and shade being thrown it’s great. But, yeah. so I’m not going to indicate names or come at any specifc people/person reckless but, i saw this post saying what “good rapping is” and the blog indicated “good rapping is when a rapper can go with the beat.” and then the next part was “jessi ho can only beat.” followed the bashing of Jessi Ho.


Okay, number one if you think Jessi Ho is a bad rapper, then why bash what she does as a person?


“i keep it classy but i’ll slap a  if i have to”


And, she’s keepin it real ._. like, what did you think?

Obviously Jessi Ho is not a ing saint and I’m not saying that but if she gets into a fight at a night club, then it’s probs cause someone was coming at her reckless. I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t just walk up in the club ready to punch people in the face for no reason because no one… does that. .___. She’s an underground hiphop rapper. You don’t think any of the other girls on the show have never gotten into a physical fight? And, please don’t be dumb and say “oh, well no other physicals fights have been reported by anyone else” because a lot of these girls have different good and bad relationships with a lot of people and you can not tell me not one of the other girls have ever gotten into a physical fight on the low.


But, anyways back to my point.


“Good Rapping” is about rhythm first off. (flow)

Beat is a completely different thing from rhythm because beat keeps the rhythm on going thus, unless Jessica Ho is snapping, beat boxing, clapping, hitting a drum or anything else to keep a steady rhythmic pattern aside from actually spitting fire then, she’s not “only keeping a beat” because the show provides beat for her or she mentally keeps the beat inside her head like everyone else does.


Good Rapping takes real diction, emotion, presence and power.

In case you don’t know what diction that is word choice and behind that word choice you need passion and power and without those emotions and you actually spitting words that show who you really are: then, who you really are is not on the ing stage or on the street or anywhere where you’re performing. Good Rapping comes from your soul and pit of your stomach and that’s why when someone actually listens to “Good Rap Music” they can actually feel what that person is feeling.

There’s so much more and I honestly don’t even care if you don’t like Jessi Ho that’s your own choice but, there’s really no need to bash her. And, please don’t make ing ignorant remarks about what the hell good rap generally is because there’s even more to “Good Rapping” than what I have indicated myself. If you really want to get into “what is good rap music” “what is good hip hop music” “what is good r&b music” please go do your research and reevaluate yourselves. Thank you.

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