Have you ever...

Have you ever like someone but you think he/she is too perfect for you and you find it's impossible to be with them so you just give up your hope and stop trying bcs you know that in the end he/she will end up with someone better than you? 

I'm not in this sort of situation but I'm just wondering :)


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I can relate 100%
Chenlover145 #3
EVERYDAY MAN YOU DONT EVEN KNOW!!!!! I'm very lucky because them Asians at my school are hot but I don't have a chance!!
[deactivated] #4
If you don't mind but I recommend reading The marriage life of Byun baekhyun. Although your bias may not be baekhyun and the story is written by a normal teenage girl, it tells a lot about what baekhyun thinks or the girl. And if you don't want to read that since its a little inappropriate, then I suggest reading "fluorescent of love" :)
[deactivated] #5
Haha yes.... He's really tall, brown hair, big eyes, plays football, has a good family, cute sister, nice parents, he's good at instruments although I don't think he does school band or orchestra, when it comes to school, he's not the best but every teacher seems to really like him since he tries..he's perfect. Really perfect. And I like him. Ive liked him for 2 and a half years now, and the sad part is, he doesn't like me bsck
I was, haha. He was perfect in my eyes and I just didn't feel like I was on the same standard. Well perfect until he broke my heart that is. Haha.
It does not make sens... if you like someone you've to fight for their attention.... I was in such situation and I'm with that boy since New Year :D I still could belive he likes me too, but it turns that he did. If you like someone it does not matter if you are perfect or not. It just feeling... that makes you happy for be with that person :) SO FIGHT!!! :)
Me me me me me! But I never stopped liking them! Sometimes, I still try to catch their attention, even though I know FOR SURE they'll never like me at all.