Taking poster requests!

I'm looking for anyone who needs a poster for a fanfic of theirs! I am not very experienced, and I've only made two posters in total, but I would like to get more practice and I hoping to open a poster shop one day, so I'll be taking some requests here. I will only be taking a few at a time, around 5 at most, since I am unexperienced and can't make them that fast, I don't want to get overwhelmed. So if anyone needs a poster, or even just needs a temporary poster while they wait for a spot to open for their favorite poster shop, I am totally willing to make one!

Just credit and link back! You can link back to my profile or this blog post.
You can change it whenever, and, of you don't like it, you don't even have to use it! I just need to get the practice.
If you already have a poster and just want another one made to maybe use as the image for a chapter, I am okay with that too!
I make my posters in photoshop, and will save two copies; Finished, and layered. If there is a color, or texture, or anything you do not like, I can go back and change it, just ask!
Only thing I cannot do is GIFs. Sorry!
After requesting, comment here!

Request here!



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