Because Yoseob and Junhyung moved out of the dorm, so here's a Junseob drabble

A/N: Well, this was late. I had speculations before Burning the Beast (idk i cant remember the title of the show since I havent watched it) that Junhyung and Yoseob moved out of the dorm because of the show I live alone. It was confirmed in Burning the Beast, I think. And so to comfort myself, I made this. Well, I cant be bothered to post it as an actual story so yeah. I havent written since forever so it's really messy as . As for Yoseob's dog's name, I'm not sure of the spelling and again, I cant be bothered to look it up. Anyway, here we go. Btw, Merry Christmas, folks.


[Drabble] Home is where you are



"..You should just move in with me," Junhyung whispers huskily as Yoseob nuzzles further on his neck. Yoseob breathes in Junhyung's smell; it brings up a wave of content within him. Yoseob hummed.


"I'd love to, but you know how the media can make accurate assumptions." Yoseob starts a sensitive spot at junhyung's neck that he's so familiar with, making Junhyung's pants constrict a little.


"Besides, your dog doesn't like me and Yaenggegie," he says before he bites the wet spot on Junhyung's neck. Junhyung groans at Yoseob's ministrations.


"Ngh.. You're wrong... Hyungnim likes Yaenggegie a lot." Yoseob starts the bitten spot in Junhyung's neck creating a hickey. "That mark's gonna be hard to hide, you know," Junhyung says, "Not that I'm complaining."


Yoseob rises from his spot, still straddling Junhyung and placed his hands separately near Junhyung's head. Yoseob smirks. "You're right. Like owner, like dog, huh. You could always wear a scarf. It's winter anyway."


"What do you mean 'like owner, like dog'?" Junhyung asks as he raises his hand to caress Yoseob's cheek.


"You weren't nice to me at first, either." Yoseob says cheekily.


"That's because you're annoying." Junhyung deadpans.


"But cute." Yoseob grins.


Junhyung chuckles as he continues to caress Yoseob's cheek. "Yes, but cute. It'll take some time; but I'm sure hyungnim will like your dog soon." Junhyung smiles.


"Yeah." Yoseob returns the smile.


"I missed you a lot. " Junhyung says as he stares earnestly at Yoseob. Yoseob flushes and smiles. He cupped Junhyung's face and bent down slowly.


"I missed you more, "Yoseob says before kissing Junhyung. Outside, the snow continues to pile up.

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