sorry not sorry

Okay so this whole taeyeon dating thing has got people so hurt that I'm just speechless. Honestly I am so effing happy for her because she's happy. But what pisses me off is that she

apologized for something that makes her happy. That right there is messed up. her and the 8 other members have worked their asses off for 7 years that they can't even experience life's

simple pleasures. I think a lot of people just need to wake up from their little fantasy dream world because the girls aren't girls anymore their women now. Their at the right age where they

should be settling down and having a family. Yes it will always and forever be Girls' Generation. But right now we should all be happy for taeyeon and the other members that are dating as

well, because they found that one person who cares for and loves them just as much or maybe even more then we do. So everyone that's hurt about this just GTFO because the girls

aren't your little play things in the first place. They are just human. We idolize them because we love their music and their dorky personality. We have no right in controlling their personal life.

Because that's not our business in the first place. So everyone just move on with life and look forward to the concert/fansign/ whatever event happens next. And just be glad that it's still

Girls' Generation.  

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