Preschool Time

I wrote an online practice exam and the last essay was to write on the topic which was:
life experiences can affect behaviour
and I wrote about the time I was kicked out of preschool -- some names and stuff is changed due to privacy and poor memory

An almost sinister giggle escaped from my lips as I narrowed my eyes on my unsuspecting victim. It was play time and that meant it was time to terrorize all the other preschoolers. I left no one untouched by my terrible antics.

   I slowly edged my way to my target, Alex. I knew Alex for as long as I could remember, which -to a five year old- seemed like a very long time. Alex often tagged along but lately I had decided to choose him to bully.

   Alex was playing by himself in the sandbox. He was completely in absorbed in his Tonka trucks as he drove them around the sand piles. Every now and then he would make small vroom sounds. As I stood off to the side I could hear him quietly talking to himself as he pretended to be the dump truck operator.

   "Hey, Alex!" I called.

   He didn't seem to interested as I sat down beside him.

   "What is it?" he mumbled, his tone emphasizing his lack of interest. "I don't want to play with you."

    This angered me. How dare he say that! I wanted to play too! Feeling the anger boil and come rushing to the surface I picked up the sand. Unfortunately for Alex, he looked up at the wrong time as sand flew into his face. The younger boy let out a shriek which gained all attention from our fellow preschoolers as well as the two preschool teachers. One of them, Miss Tucker, came rushing over to Alex's aid.

   "Ben!" Her worried gaze quickly dissipated into scorn as she looked at me. "What did you do?"

   Alex had begun to cry and I stared wide-eyed at the crying boy.

   "I-I...uh, I didn't mean it! I promise!" My own eyes begun to sting as regretful tears threatened to fall.

   Miss Tucker shook her head as the other teacher, Miss Fields, took Alex into the bathroom to wash out the sand. Grabbing me by my wrist, Miss Tucker led me into her office.

   "Ben, this is enough! You have bullied other kids time and time again and it is not okay. I will be phoning your mother," Miss Tucker threatened.


   My mother arrived and I sat outside of Miss Tucker's office. The door was left opened a crack and I could hear my mom and Miss Tucker talking.

   "So you're just going to kick him out? He's five!"

   "I'm sorry, but we can't have Ben here anymore. He continues to bully the other children and we can't let that slide any longer. He has had enough warnings and we have tried patiently to correct his behaviour but nothing is working. I can refer him to other preschools but Ben will no longer attend Sunnyside Preschool."

   I could hear shuffling and the door opened. My mom's gaze was flooding with disappointment.

   "I'm sorry, Mommy..." I squeaked as I sat obediently on the chair.

   "I know you are," she answered quietly and gestured for me to stand up. "What you did was wrong and you will have to apologize for hurting Alex. Do you understand that because you hurt him you can no longer come here?"

   "I-I can't come here anymore?" The tears began to sting again and I sobbed as I realized I had really gotten myself into trouble this time. I hopped off the chair and hugged Miss Tucker's leg.

   "I'm sorry I hurt Alex, Miss Tucker! I'm sorry!"

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