hey guys~~~

i know that i havent update my stories in ages.

well, i still don't have a laptop yet.

if some of you that don't know, well i lost it. well it like someone stole it.. TT_TT

and this thursday, i will start to work.

i've finish high school and have some holiday~~

so i'm using it to earn some money because my parents insist it. (there's nothing that i can do)

so when i buy a new laptop. i just can update at midnight.

morning till night i will be busy working.


till then do patiently wait for my story.


oh, if anyone who ever heard about razorbill book company.

yeah i will send my first ever young adult fiction.


i never post it at aff because it isnt fanfiction...

so wish me luck...

the title of my first ever novel is 2 hearts...


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have u already sent it ? you finally done it ! good luck babe (^.^)Y
You send it to be publish? Like seriously? I want to read it!
Hwaiting noona>_<