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{Krystine Kim}

Who I Am
Birthname: Kim Yeon Ra

Nicknames: Krys(because of her English name) and Yeon(because of her Korean name)

Birthday || Age: 12/30/1994, 19 years old

Birthplace: Beijing, China

Hometown: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea

Height/Weight: 170 cm/40 kg

Ethnicity: Korean


Bloodtype: O

Languages:English(fluent),Mandarin(fluent),Cantonese(fluent),Korean(fluent),Nihongo(fluent),and French(semi-fluent)


A face for the spotlight


Faceclaim: Baek Su Min

Gallery or Links: (If you post links, at least five)

Back-Up Faceclaim:Lee Da Som

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Who I Was

Personality: Krystine is your not-so-typical bad girl,wanna know why because she knows her line.She know where to stop and continue.Yes,she's not a good girl but that does'nt she did'nt care.If one of her loveones is hurt you'll face the demon hidden beneath her small body.Oh, a little reminder dont you ever disturb her when she's doing someng or else BOOM!chaos will unfold even before you ever blink.

Background: (Again, quality over quantity)

Likes: (5+)

Dislikes: (5+)

Fears: (at least one - we're all scared of something)


Habits: (3+)


Weaknesses: (2+)

Trivia: (this section is for the things that aren't on your character's profile, but they might mention in the future (or it willbe discovered in the future))


The Ones I Lovejessica-jung.jpg

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Be Still, My Heart


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Love's Weird


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Who I've Become
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